Faculty of Research

Tauheedul College strongly supports the ongoing development of a self-improving school system and has a deep commitment to research and innovation.

Our Faculty of Research specialises in action-based and applied research.  We want to ensure that teaching and leadership practice in our own schools and in the programmes delivered by TCTL are based on cutting-edge practice and informed by the latest thinking and best evidence.  The Faculty also ensures we remain at the forefront of developing next practice and provides us with an incubation unit to test out innovative ideas.

Latest News

Welcoming three new primary academies

We were pleased to welcome three new primary academies to the Tauheedul family on 1st April.

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Tauheedul College for Teaching and Leadership

Making a significant contribution to a self-improving school system.

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Leadership Courses

High quality, accredited leadership training

TET is a lead partner in delivering the National College’s prestigious Leadership Curriculum.

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